Ways to Wear Short Sides, Long Top Hair

Most men’s haircuts follow the short sides, the Top Formula Longer. These short and long hairstyles on the sides take this contrast even further.

Looks for all hair types use the combination of short and long pompadours, smooth backs, flat tops, undercuts, blush, hair curtains and two blocks.

It does not even cover the short sides, the long top Is suitable for wavy, curly and black hair.

Check out these 13 short and long looks for cool, classic, trendy, curly and black hair.

Long Hair On Top-Short Haircuts On The Sides

1. Messy Top + Short Sides

This medium length creates a surfing atmosphere with volume and a tousled texture.

2. Pompadour + Conical Melted

Or for a modern and classic look, this blonde pompadour with a tapered fade is both fresh and timeless.

3. Curtain Haircut With Open Part

The tight sides give an extra effect to these long hair curtains.

4. Long Curly Hair On Top, Short Sides

A long Curly Bangs with Short Hair on the Sides and Back of the Jaw.

5. Bland Undercut + Bun + Man Beard

A countercut is the definition of a long top, short sides and a back haircut.

6. High Cut + Braids

Braids are just a cool way to style long hair for men.

7. Cool Hair Design

This hairstyle style can be classic, but it should not be conservative. The neckline is a great place to get creative like this cut style.

Classic Men’s Haircuts With Short Sides + Long Top

Short sides, long lace is far from a new look for men. Check out these classic men’s looks that are still in fashion today.

8. Low Fade + Side Part

At work or playing, this cut and style look great.

9. Short Sides + Long Top + Side Part

With a lower fade on the sides, this side part looks a little more conservative.

10. High + Tight

Here is a long version of the upper and narrow part.

11. Back Straightened Hair

Smooth it out with a little shine to get that cool and slightly menacing look.

12. Quiff + High Conical Fade

The cool queff makes the difference between a pompadour style and a smoother style. Straightened and tapered bleaching keeps it clean and makes the hair even thicker on top.

13. Pump + Conical + Flow

Wearing longer hair at the back is far from a new style. Temperature fading holds the sides firmly and gives the appearance of larger and longer hair.

Short Sides + Long Hair For Black Men

With the exception of the Afro, most black men’s haircuts also have short sides with longer hair on top. These cool haircuts have all long hair on top.