the Southside Fade Haircut Must Try

The Bland Southside takes its name from its place of origin, the Southside of Houston, Texas.

The south side is the shortest haircut. Think of a top and tight, take it higher and even tighter. It’s the Bland Southside.

For whom is this ultrashort haircut, usually flesh-colored? Guys who prefer shaved Styles and something more interesting than a Buzz cut.

This is also a suitable military haircut, which takes a long time to grow. Or show off those head tattoos with a touch of hair in the front.

The sparse south side also works in some of the after stages of hair loss, especially when the bald spot becomes thinner faster than the hairline.

Check out these 20 images for all the different ways to wear the Southside Fade.

1. Houston Southside Bland

There it is from the front and from the top. The Southside is the shortest haircut and rivals military cuts like the Jarhead and High and Tight.

2. The Bland Southside

This cut is little more than a Line-Up.

3. Southside Fade Haircut

Higher than a high skin coloring, the Southside removes hair up to the hairline and above the crown. This Version keeps more hair on the head than most others.

4. Buzzcut + Crossfade

With this skin discoloration, do not forget to protect the newly exposed scalp with sunscreen.

5. Southside Bland with a party

A shaved part adds another detail to the south side that continues to stand out as the hair grows back.

6. Half Moon Party

The curved Half-Moon part is always a favorite.

7. Hair Design

Or keep this part in a hair design.

8. High and tight

The Southside fade is similar to the High and Tight, but it has less length and more blur.

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9. Crossfade + Line-Up

For lighter hair colors, a longer touch enhances the contrast between the hair and the skin.

10. Haircut with adhesive tape

Note how this ribbon defines the forehead and does not blur to anything.

11. Erasing Haircuts for Gray Hair

Show how much hair you still have by cutting it ultrashort.