Mohawk Haircuts for Boys and Girls

The mohawk is one of those looks that never go out of fashion, it is suitable for everyone – men and women, boys and girls. The mohawk haircut for children is especially cool and shows an early sense of styling.

Mohawk can be cut at any age. It also works for toddlers once they have enough hair. By preschool and beyond, it can be the haircut of choice.

The mohawk may not go out of fashion, but it will be updated in accordance with changing trends. Currently, the tips are matte and textured instead of glossy and hard. Mohawk fades are always popular and can add different hair patterns or décolletés. At that moment, the mule hawk, that classic mohawk with a little more fluidity on the back, has made its comeback and could be adorable for your child.

Mohawk can be short or long, narrow or wide, straight or curly, worn up or down, and suitable for boys or girls. Discover these classic and fashionable ways to wear the mohawk haircut for kids.

1. Mohawk haircut for kids

The mohawk is a gender-neutral haircut. It can be promoted by boys, but it works for girls, like this cool kid.

2. Mohawk Haircut For Boys

As mentioned above, this mohawk is updated with a fuzzy burst fade and finely textured tips. Change the look and feel of a mohawk with different styles.

3. Mohawk Haircut For Black Boys

Mohawk is also a popular haircut for black boys (and girls). This cool look keeps the hair short and the sides shorter as well as some accents of a hair design.

4. Mohawk Short Cut

A child’s mohawk can also be short. The hairstyle is more subtle if it is lifted and left without styling. It’s pretty cute with the headboard too.

5. Fade Mohawk For Kids

Modern mohawks trade bare skin for a blurry fade. This precise haircut creates a crescent moon shape with longer hair on a blurry burst.

The hairstyle is also cool. The back is neat, the top is untidy, and the front turns into fringes for a partially high, partially low mohawk.

6. Mohawk Wide For Black Kids

Now it is an excellent longer top, a short haircut on the sides.

7. Mohawk Hairstyles aka the False Hawk

It is not officially a mohawk, since the hair on the back is cut short, but this haircut easily turns into a hawk. The hard part is adding some of that punk attitude.

8. Faux Hawk-Mohawk Hairstyle

Here’s an even sharper version of the fohawk plus a hint of pony up front. This haircut has many styling options, including mohawk. Discolored blonde hair adds to the look.

9. How To Style A Mohawk Haircut

There is more than one way to style a mohawk. This cool look combines long hair worn on the side with short hair on the back. Play with different combinations of pulled-up and worn hair to create new looks.

10. More Mohawk Hairstyles

This child’s mohawk looks as well worn as it is improved. With long hair it will be a mohawk hiarcut without the mohawk hairstyle most of the time.

11. Mohawks For Curly Hair

Curly hair makes an excellent mohawk, as they stand up by themselves. A wider cut at the front just reads like a mohawk on the sides and back. Or cut a narrow strip for a punk look.