Mens Fade Haircut Types in Trends

Bleached haircuts are one of the most popular and easy hairstyle trends for men. They are everywhere because a fade can be added to any type, length or type of a man’s haircut. Fades are also a pleasant and low-maintenance cut, without visits to the hairdresser for maintenance.

A fade brings the hair from short to even shorter. The three main types of haircuts are low, medium and high haircuts. This refers to the height of the fade on the head.

Burst Fades and Temple Fades cover a smaller part of the head, but have a lot of effect. Bald Bland can be any of the above and shave the hair down to the skin. Shadows fade from short to short, but do not show the skin.

Check out these images for all kinds of bleaching haircuts. Combine different types of fade with different hairstyles to create your own unique look.

1. Low Fading + Hair Design

This fade brings the hairline up about a centimeter. A few slashes behind the ear draw even more attention to this blurry crossfade.

2. Buzz-Cut + Line-Up + Low Crossfade

The Buzz Cut and Fade is a popular combination that can be worn in different ways. A blurred deep background in the back contrasts with the defined line on the forehead.

3. Weak Bald fade

The low fade is also a cool addition to longer men’s hairstyles. This fade is about as low as possible.

4. Side Part Haircut

This side part haircut is a flattering and popular style that can have frayed (Scissor cut) or frayed (cut with hair clippers) sides. As the name suggests, the middle fade is somewhere between the low fade and the high fade. Many mid-fades are also faded that follow the hairline behind the ear.

5. Medium haircut

Instead of falling, this average bald head follows a line around the head under the crown.

6. Short Haircut + Medium Bleaching

This fashionable haircut with a medium fade is a stylish and easy-to-wear option for men with thick wavy hair.