Here’s the Right Way to Grow Your Hair

Longer hairstyles for men, from the chin to the shoulder, are a popular and attractive look. It’s easy to decide to grow hair, but the process does not happen overnight.

While many supplements and products promise to make hair grow faster and thicker, don’t believe it. A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle can contribute to better hair, but it keeps growing. While some men have hair that grows faster than others, this cannot be changed.

The best thing to do is to be patient, get help from your hairdresser or stylist and try new cool Looks on the go. So they look good while you’re growing hair, with tips and photos of Steve vann’s growing Haircut from one of our favorite hairdressers, Andrew Does Hair.

How to grow hair for men

1. Visit Your Hairdresser

To look good during hair regrowth, visit your hairdresser or stylist. If you only see short haircuts in your hair salon, maybe it’s time to go somewhere that has more experience with longer styles. While many hairdressers and stylists can cut any length of hair, some specialize in shorter hair clippers.

Let your hairdresser or stylist know that you want to grow hair and what your hair goals are. The uses this information, along with your hair type and the shape of your face, to create a cut that looks good now and as it lengthens.

While the hair grows for a long time, a haircut every 2-3 months should be appropriate or make an appointment if the hair seems to be getting out of control. Regular haircuts also ensure that the ends of the hair look beautiful. Over time, the ends tend to split and curl. Cutting damaged hair will help the hair look better and grow healthier.

Starting to grow long hair

This gentleman decided to grow some hair, starting with about 5″ in length at the top. The original hair is cut on the sides and back of Andrew Does Hair.

2. Start long on it

When growing short hair, keep the sides and back short first. It takes longer for hair growth to be felt on top, while the sides and back can quickly turn into a mullet. If that’s what you want, cool. If you want to achieve long hair everywhere, first grow up long.

If the hair on top is about 4 inches long, it’s time to grow your sides. There are many excellent haircuts and styles of medium length that will allow you to get through this Phase of hair growth.

Six months of hair growth

This is 6 months after, so about 3″ more. Andrew cut the hair short on the sides, while the hair remains long on top, but is cut to maintain the shape and healthy tips.

3. You can skip the Shampoo

On average, hair grows about half an inch per month for a total of 6″ per year. This means that from a Buzz cut it can take a whole year to reach the ears, even longer for a Chin Bob and years to reach the shoulders. That is why it is so important to take care of the hair during its growth.

Short hair always looks healthy, because it is the last growth and remains untouched from the sun and styling. The tips of long hair have been hanging out for a couple of years. In order for them to look beautiful, it’s all about conditioning and regular cuts so that the ends look beautiful and keep the shape.

Many hair professionals recommend completely leaving shampoo. Although this is not always possible for men who become visibly oily after a day or two, you can reduce hair washing. First of all, go every other day. Then see if the hair tolerates shampooing only once or twice a week.

If the roots become oily, a dry shampoo can be used to absorb the oil while giving texture and volume to the roots. This is a great hair product for medium and longer men to freshen up in a hurry.

4. Add a conditioner

Conditioner is a must for longer hair. There is no need to adhere to men’s brands. Find a solution for your hair type and try it out.

The general rule for washing hair is as follows: keep the shampoo on the scalp and the conditioner on the tips. This is a challenge in the early stages of hair growth, so start conditioning when the hair is long enough. You want the shampoo to remove scalp oils, but not dry the rest of the hair, while the conditioner can weigh down the hair at the roots.

Finally, rinse with colder water, as this does not remove as many conditioning agents as hot water.

9 months of hair growth

After another 3 months, the sides and back are ingrown to create this cool side part hairstyle with a lot of length on top. Longer hairstyles can be as messy and neat as you like.

5. Unpleasant it happens to be

The teenage years may be behind you, but the unpleasant stages are not quite a thing of the past. Anyone who has ever made a buzz knows that there are phases when the hair comes out straight. Although you can minimize this with longer top cuts, there will be times when the hair will not cooperate completely.

The only way out is through, so keep growing and it will sort itself out. Consult your hairdresser or stylist if you have any problems with your hairstyle. A trim, a new product or a new style can do the trick.

6. Put Your Products

Most ointments, waxes and pastes are suitable for styling short hair. They have a lot of support and often need to be washed daily.