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There is much more in men’s hair than short, medium and long hair. The length is a key element of a haircut, but the same applies to the part, bangs and tapered fade on the sides and back. Many of these types of haircuts for men are classic looks, while others are more recent trends. There are also modern ways to wear traditional classic looks.

This list covers most types of haircuts for men, but there are also many options for wearing any haircut. Customize any look with different types of fades, different décolletés and shaved lines or hair patterns.

Whether short, medium or long, any haircut can also be styled in different ways. And last but not least, the same cuts are different with different types of hair, from thin to thick and stiff to wavy to curly.

Do not worry about using the right terminology when going to a hairdresser or stylist. Not everyone uses the same language, so it’s always better to bring a picture of what you want.

Buzz Cup

Named after the buzz of hair clippers, it is the shortest haircut for men. It is a common military cut (less hair design), but also a good choice for active lifestyles or hard-to-handle hair types. Cut it out and you’re done, no style required.

This is the only cut that we advise you to make yourself. However, at home, the cuts will have a length everywhere. Blurry fading and front alignment give the ultra-short look clear cut edges and a little style. An arched line that continues in the eyebrow makes this buzz cut impossible not to notice.

Team Cup

The round neckline is a longer cut with more length in the front, which tapers to the back. It can be styled with hair in a short pump, combed on one side or left as it is. It is a very short round neck, but they can be worn longer, but always short. Other types of crew cups are flat tops and ivy leagues. A cool classic haircut for men.

Ivy League

Another type of longer Crew Cup, the Ivy League is long enough to separate on one side. The hair on the forehead can also be styled in a short pump or puff or combed to the side. This haircut for men is traditionally quite short, but it can also be worn longer.

Caesar Cup
The Caesar Cup is a short haircut for men, dating back to Julius Caesar and the BC calendar. The short haircut has short textured bangs. It works for many hair types, including thick and curly hair. It is also a good cut to make thin or thin hair look thicker.

Similar to the Ivy League or Crew Cup, the Caesar is a short cut with a little more length for styling.

Textured haircut

Sometimes referred to as French culture, this short haircut for men with fringe is longer than the Caesar. This textured crop is an important hair trend for men, which can be worn in different ways to fit different styles and hairstyles.

All versions of this look are both cut and styled to highlight the texture. Guys with thick, wavy and curly hair are one step ahead. A structuring hair product gives the appearance of straight hair.

False Hawk / Spiky Hair

The popularity of textured cultures has spawned a modern version of spiky hair. Instead of small crispy gel tips, use a matte product and pinch strands of hair together to create less thicker tips. This oversized texture can be worn anywhere, in the middle in a falcon or in a quiff with a concentrated height on the forehead.

Hairstyles with fringe

Hairstyles for men with fringe come and go out of fashion. To name a few, there were mop tops, mod haircuts, the mushroom, Johnny Depp from the 90s, emo hair and the Zac Efron. At the moment, the bangs are back. Wear them short, long, blunt, oblique, thick or jagged.