Best Men Hair Styles & Cuts to Look Cool

This collection of popular haircuts for men contains old favorites, reinvented classics and the recent hair trends for 2022. Each haircut photo below is cool for 2022.

Fade go with all haircuts, styles and hair types. Short haircuts and medium hairstyles range from the sharp cut to the avant-garde. Long hair is also in fashion, for all men, including curly hair, and for black men. Check out this guide to grow your long hair.

This fashion wheel continues to spin and everything old is new again with the return of the hair of the 70s, 80s and 90s like shags, mules and curtains.

You will find men haircuts for all hair types, just keep scrolling until you find your next look. Read all the way to the end for a few tips on how to get the haircut you want.

This first section shows the freshest new men’s haircuts, which are all new styles for 2022. Short to long, any type of fade and haircuts for different hair types. Here are examples of the best haircuts for men from all categories that you can imagine. Start here for the recent trends in men’s hair.

Discolored haircuts

Many of these popular haircuts for men include a fade, but this is a section dedicated to the main types of discolored haircuts: low, medium and high, as well as conical fades, luminous fades, etc.

Low Fading Haircuts

The fade bottom works with any haircut for men, from a trendy look like this to classic styles.

A faint fade is also a cool way to separate hair and BEARD, which enhances the distinct shape of the two.

Half-discolored haircuts

The middle fade ends up somewhere between the bottom and the top.

A shadow trail on the left side holds a few short hairs, while the bald patch on the right side reaches up to the skin.

Medium fades can also fall behind the ear, like this cool look or cut a diagonal line around the back of the head.

Fade also works with any hair length, from the shortest buzz cut to long hair pulled into braids.

High Fade Haircuts

A high fade goes to the hairline at the temples.

The arc of this sharp fade holds the defined corner of the line upwards before falling on the back of the head.

High bezels hold the sides tightly, which is suitable for almost everyone, especially for wider faces.
The blurred line contrasts well with the messy texture on the top.

Fondes change the look of men’s haircuts. Fades can be read as classic or modern, depending on how the rest of the hair is styled.

Other fade types

Here is the rest of the most popular types of haircuts.

The conical fade, also called tape up, fades the temples and the nape, leaving a bow of hair behind the ear.

The melting of the temples is similar to the cone, but the scissors cut the neckline for a little fluidity.

The crumbled fade radiates behind the ear. It’s popular with mohawks, but it also works for mules and more.

Short haircuts and hairstyles for men

Short hair tends to be the most popular length for men and here are such cool new ways to get the look. A short haircut for men will always look great.

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A fashionable feature of short hair at the moment is bangs, this length of hair along the forehead. The bangs can be short and blunt, styled up and back, or worn loose.

Short Hair + High Fade