Best Hair Tips for Men to Style Your Hair

So, you have a beautiful haircut. And now. Here is a guide on how to style hair for men, including everything from using a comb or brush to making a piece to hair color at home. We also have styling tips for short, medium and long hair, as well as for fine, thick, curly and naturally curly hair types. And that’s not all. Read on to find out how to take control of your hair.

How to use a comb or brush

It sounds simple, but with all the options, it can be overwhelming. Here’s what You need to know.

Combs are best suited for straight hair, for creating parts and styling hair. For thick, wavy and curly hair types, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the hair and distribute the hair product well.

Hair brushes are also available for Guys. They are best suited for detangling and giving volume to thin, smooth and long hair. Brushes are also essential for the hair drying process. There are special hair dryer brushes with ventilation slots that allow hair to dry faster, as well as round brushes for straightening hair.

Brushing the hair also helps to distribute the oils from the scalp and stimulate blood circulation or just do it because it feels good.

How to dry dry hair

Let’s start with the fact that you should dry dry hair. If you do not have thin hair that dries quickly or textured hair that is best air-dried, you should include this styling tool in your Arsenal. Drying the hair shortens the styling time, helps the hair to stand upright and makes it easier to straighten the hair. They have soft, smooth and shiny hair that only needs a touch of product for all-day wear.

Hair dryers are available at many prices. For men with medium and shorter hair, a more expensive brand in a smaller size can save money. Make sure that the dryer has several heat settings, as well as a Cold Option.

How to dry dry hair:

  • Use a thermal protection agent it can be an oil, serum or spray that prevents damage to the hair caused by the heat of the hair dryer. Work through damp hair.
  • Comb the hair in place the point of the hair dryer is the use of heat to fix the hair where you want it. Before drying, define the room and the general shape of the style.
  • Brushes + bubbles using a ventilated or round brush, pull the hair parts up and out of the head while blowing them with air. For thick hair or to straighten hair, try a round brush with boar bristles to straighten hair and ventilation slots to speed up blow-drying. For other types of hair, a ventilated brush can do everything you need.
  • Head down for extra volume, if that’s what you’re aiming for, blow-drying in the opposite direction will help the hair stand up. Try to bend over so that the hair is on the head and blow out the roots. For a partial side hairstyle, blow against the direction in which the hair is parted to achieve the same result.
  • Cold blow when the hair is completely dry and where you want, put the Look with a breath of fresh air.
    When the hair is in place, add a little product for the stop.

How to separate hair

Hair can be parted on the natural part or in the place where you decide. Here’s how to do both.

The natural part is the way the hair grows. It’s good to know where it is, even if you don’t use it. To find the natural part, comb wet or dry hair back. Hold it firmly in your hand, like a smooth styling, and then gently push the hair forward. The hair will bubble a little. Do this several times until the hair splits in the natural part.

To create a new part, use a comb for a straight and defined part. Some combs have a sharp tip or tail for this. Comb the hair back, set a comb line and separate the hair with your fingers. Align a side part with the tip of a forehead, edge or forehead or forehead edge. For a central part, use the middle of the nose as a guide to get closer to the middle of the head.

Some haircuts are too short and/or textured for the hair to fall in one part, such as crops or Buzz cuts. Medium and longer styles can create a part with the help of a comb, a hairdryer and hair care products. If you want to give more volume to a side partial hairstyle, try dividing the hair relative to the natural part. Since the hair is used to lying in the opposite direction, it adds a little volume. Over time, the hair can be formed to have a new part. Brush it in the desired place, use heat and product to strengthen the new direction.