Best Fade Haircut Ideas for Men

Most guys have super cool haircuts when they visit their hairdresser these days. This has been a constant trend in men’s haircuts for decades. If you go back in time to the origins of fade, the most common variations were the weak fade, the middle fade and the high fade. Nothing too radical. Just her classic men’s haircuts with short or medium hair length at the top.

Today there is an abundance of different melting points. The total number of types of discolored haircuts that you can get today has completely exploded. More and more men are looking for your personal touch and style. Hairdressers are becoming more creative every year.

In this fade haircut guide for men, we will show you the best examples and styles of all the fade hairstyles imaginable.

See a haircut you like? Show the photo to your hairdresser and he will take care of you. Super easy.

Scroll down for the best-discolored haircut designs and styles to get in 2022!

What is a discolored haircut?

A fade is a term that describes how the sides and back of your head and hair are cut with a professional barber trimmer by your hairdresser or stylist.

In most matters, your hairdresser cuts/cuts/shaves the hair shorter and closer to the skin at the bottom, gradually increasing the length of the hair by moving up.

Melting crucibles can generally be classified as low melting crucibles, medium melting crucibles and high melting crucibles. The reference to low, medium and high refers only to the area on which the melting with the mowers is carried out. Lower around the ears and neck, higher to a midpoint or even higher to a higher point on the sides and back (towards their part or crown). Very simple!

After all, the hair on the top of the head can be cut short, medium or left to be longer on the top. This is usually done with professional hairdressing haircut scissors, after the fade has been carved on the sides and back.

Types of discolored haircuts

So, now we know what brings together a classic low-fade basic haircut, a medium-fade haircut and a high-fade haircut. In addition, there are many types of discolored haircuts that you can get that will add extra style and a cool factor. We all show them to you in this guide. Ok, let’s check them out!

1. Low Fading Haircut

The lower fade keeps the sides tight and the neckline clean.

2. Half-discolored haircut

The mean fade or the mean fade can be anywhere between a high and a low fade.

3. High discoloration haircut

The high fade looks great with short hair and long strands.

4. Short haircut

A fade makes short hair even shorter.

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5. Rejuvenated haircut

The cone fades the hair on the sideburns and neckline.

6. Discolored haircut for boys

You are never too young for a discolored haircut or hair color.

7. Fade Haircut For Black Men

Many black men haircuts contain a certain type of fading.

8. Haircut Skin Fade

The fading of the skin shows the skin at the top, in the middle or at the bottom.